YouTube Equipment Setup for Gaming Channels

Why be caught up in a boring nine to five job when you can be playing your favourite game to earn a living? Yes, with YouTube emerging as the biggest platform worldwide, you can be a gamer and win millions of subscribers.

But, it is not as easy as it may sound. You need to have a proper setup and need to brainstorm the look and feel of your videos. You can use online video editing softwares and intro makers to create visually appealing gaming videos. Find more info here.

What are Youtube Gaming Channels?

YouTube is getting bigger; it has content from all walks of life pouring in quite rapidly. With many gamers earning a living out of their gaming channels, online gaming is now a huge industry. But, what do they do on their channels? Why do so many people follow these channels and spend hours watching their content? How to become one of them? These are some questions you might ponder over, but it’s time to answer all these questions.

Keep reading to know more about how to set up the equipment for a YouTube gaming channel.

Equipment Required for the Gaming Setup


  • Access to the Platform:

Although this is a known fact that it is better to clarify and eliminate any doubts, first you need to decide upon the video game or the online game that you want to showcase. The next step is to decide upon the device or the screen to play the game on. You will require a computer, a television set, or a dedicated console like Playstation. With computers, you will need extra software, but you will require both hardware and software to run your gaming channel with consoles.


  1.  Game Recording Software:

When you have your gaming channel, you want to reach out to people who love playing online games, and compromising on the gaming screen’s video quality is the last thing you would want to do. To avoid projecting bad videos, never use a camera to record your game on a TV screen or a computer. Always opt for the game recording softwares to record the in-game video clips. You can leverage many free softwares available online to record your games. Some of them come with the benefit of live streaming your game on Youtube, thus making your lives easier. With these softwares, you can not only record the game while playing but also edit it for a better version.

If you are just starting, you can go for  OBS (Open Broadcaster Software), downloadable free from 

Game Recording Software has another feature called a capture device; it can capture high-resolution videos directly on your PC and enables you to live-stream it too.


  • Video Recording Devices:

The market is brimming with all kinds of video recorders, but you need to choose wisely. Some cameras and recording devices will cost you a lot of money, but there are pocket-friendly webcams options that work well. Not every gaming channel on YouTube needs a facecam, as players’ reactions are not important unless it can add an edge to the video and make the users go crazy about it.

The Genius WideCam F100 is the best option if you are going to use a webcam. If a facecam is an essential aspect of your gaming video, consider the Logitech C920, the best choice in a decent price range.


  • Audio Recording Device/ Microphone:

Great audio makes for a great video. Audio is a crucial aspect of gaming, be it playing candy crush on your smartphones, carom in your living room, or watching gaming videos on YouTube. Audio gives premium experience and generates vibe in the player or the viewer. If you wish to become a known YouTube gamer, you need to be extra cautious about what your audience listens to. There are many background noises like the table moving, mouse-clicking, birds chirping, and whatnot, but using a great audio recording device will help you eliminate those unnecessary voices. Beginners use the Zalman ZM-Mic 1, but it is not the best. You can go for the Blue Yeti Mic, a premium audio recorder used by many YouTube professionals. It gives you full control over your audio clips.

Your voice will build a personality in the minds of your audience. So, keeping the premium quality videos when managing a gaming channel.


  • Video Editing Software:

YouTube is a huge platform with a variety of content. Videos of most premium quality are available on this platform, making people more selective about videos. As a gaming channel owner on YouTube, your end product will be a video, and you need to consider editing it before making the final video live. You need to use a video editor that is intuitive, easy to use, and enables you to focus more on editing rather than navigating tools. You can try to make editing simple and fun.



  • Good Lighting:


Footage depends a lot on the quality of the visuals, and the visuals quality depends on the lighting. If your videos are in shadows, they will not leave a good impression on the viewers. Let your viewers realize the hard work you are putting in assembling the videos for your channel. Prefer natural light or invest in some studio lights if your budget allows that. Good lighting has a lot of benefits. It can make your video look professional and can make you look more camera-friendly. 

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