What Is The ECS & What Does CBD Oil For Pets Have To Do With It?

You don’t need to be a doctor in order to understand that our bodies are full of various systems that need to function properly in order for us to stay healthy and in good shape. Similarly, you don’t need to be a veterinarian in order to say the same thing about animals, do you? Yet, when it comes to getting into a bit more details about those particular systems, that’s where things get more difficult.

We are used to thinking that animals and humans are rather different when it comes to these bodily processes, but is this really the case? Well, as you can see on this page, it appears that we have far more in common with animals than we might have thought. For example, you might have thought for a long time that humans are the only species that have an endocannabinoid system and need cannabinoids in order to function perfectly, but research has shown that this isn’t the case.

Today, we very well know that animals have this particular system as well, just like they have a lot of other things inside their bodies that are similar to those we have. You might already be aware of that fact, though, but do you actually know what the ECS is and what it is responsible for in the first place? And, most importantly, do you know what CBD oil has to do with it?

If you are feeling a little bit confused right now with all those questions, don’t worry. I wouldn’t be posing any questions without having the intention to answer them, would I? So, what you have to do is sit back, relax, and read on, so as to find out what the ECS is and what on Earth CBD oil for pets has to do with it?

There’s one more thing I have to say before we get started, though. If you are under the impression that I will fill this article with medical terms you won’t be able to understand unless you are well versed in medicine, once again, you have nothing to worry about. Frankly, even your pet would probably be able to understand perfectly the explanations that I am about to give if it could only read. So, here we go.

What Is The ECS?

As I have mentioned above, both humans and animals have an endocannabinoid system, which is exactly why products such as those you can find on https://www.holistapet.com/ exist. Before we get to those products, though, let us first check out what this system is responsible for. Think of your pet’s body as of a machine and imagine you are trying to examine one part of it because that is exactly what we are trying to do right now.

The ECS is a biological system comprised of receptors found on cell membranes that exist to regulate a large number of processes, such as sleep, memory, mood, appetite, as well as cognition. In short, this system plays a huge role in regulating a lot of processes in your pet’s body that are responsible for the animal’s health and well-being. If the ECS stops functioning properly, your pet will start developing certain medical conditions that will need to be treated.

What Does CBD Oil Have To Do With It?

Let us now turn to our most important question here. You might already be familiar with CBD oil for animals to a certain degree. You might know that it is made of a useful cannabis compound called Cannabidiol and that it can be extremely helpful.

What does, however, CBD oil have to do with the ECS? Well, here’s the thing. In addition to regulating all those processes, the ECS is also responsible for all those effects that cannabis can have on your pet’s bodies, both physiological and psychological ones.

Simply said, this means that your animal’s ECS interacts with CBD and allows this product to actually provide the pet with the benefits it has. Let us make things even simpler than this. Not that I think you didn’t understand it, but why not make it clearer.

If your pet didn’t have an ECS, CBD oil would be a completely futile product for it. It wouldn’t work inside its body and it wouldn’t be helpful at all. Luckily, your animal does have this system and CBD oil works perfectly inside its body.

Mohit Sharma
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