Top 5 Tips To Make You Feel Good in Your Swimsuit

Summer is everyone’s favorite time of the year. Students love it the most because it means no school and a whole lot of beach fun. Lounging by the beach, getting a tan, and going for a swim are just some of the fun activities you get to enjoy during the season. It is also the perfect time to strut your stuff and channel your inner fashion diva. 

You can choose a floral one-piece or a vibrant green bikini/emerald green bikini that accentuates your skin tone. If you are struggling to put on that suit, here are some tips for you to feel good in your swimwear. Remember, confidence is the best accessory ever!

Tip 1: Find a swimsuit that fits well

First and foremost, find a swimsuit that you genuinely like. Pick out the most comfortable cuts, patterns, or color schemes. It may be a polka dot bikini, an emerald green bikini, or a pink floral tankini. The options are endless! If you possess a rather conservative side, there are plenty of one-piece suits, swim skirts, or rash guards for you to try out. With all the designs and colors available, you’ll surely find one that you love. 

Tip 2: Don’t knock the suit until you’ve tried it

Plain and simple, don’t say you don’t want it until you’ve actually tried it. If you are shopping online, make sure you deal with companies and online stores that have a good return policy. This way, if you try on the bikini at home and decide that it is uncomfortable or not your style, you won’t have problems sending it back. Also, it is best to manage your expectations when shopping online. Be prepared to see that a bikini might not fit you the way it does on the model. 

Tip 3: Complete your look

Your chosen swimsuit is only part of the package! Completing your look with accessories is such a big confidence booster. When you wear hats, necklaces, sunglasses, a tote bag, and the like, attention is drawn away from the bikini and is refocused towards the outfit as a whole. It’s also a really fun way to dress up or dress down your attire. If you are wearing a green bikini/emerald green bikini, you can pair this with a thin white kimono so that you can flaunt its vibrant color. Pair it with golden chandeliers and bangles to highlight the hue. 

Tip 4: Be true to yourself

The surefire way to feel confident is to stay true to yourself. Stick to the cuts and the patterns that you love to make yourself feel ultra-comfy. While it is good to be daring from time to time, the ultimate key to confidence is comfort. Wear whatever feels and looks best TO YOU. Remember that you are dressing up for yourself. Fashion encompasses your personality, and it is completely customizable. Let your authentic self shine through. Style is, after all, a mode of personal expression.

Tip 5: Take baby steps

The key to confidence-building is taking slow and steady steps. Swimwear, especially bikini wearing is honestly such a power move, and sometimes it is difficult to do that in just one go. If you are struggling to get out of your comfort zone, start with something small. 

It may be by buying cuts that cover more surface area or buying a pattern or color that is less bold. Starting small is a great way to get into swimsuit wearing as you’ll be able to adjust slowly. As time goes by, you will develop the confidence to try more daring ensembles.

Final wrap up!

Finally, remember that your bikini does not define you, you define your bikini! Sometimes it is not even the bikini itself, but the confidence you exude. It may be not easy at first, but over time you’ll be able to reach your bikini-wearing goals. Every body is a bikini body; every woman is bikini ready. Regardless if you wear a “kini” or not, you will rock! .

Carmel Issac
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