Is Siri an AI: the Impact of Artificial intelligence on People

Siri, what you thought of the name it first occurs? Well, we all have different kinds of assumptions when Apple launched its voice assistant and name it “Siri”. we didn’t know the idea of what exactly a voice assistant performs and we kept assuming. And then it was launched with iPhone 4s(if I am not wrong).

Since then the whole idea of a voice assistant and what exactly they can do to make your life smooth, has literally changed. If you are wondering that Is Siri Considered As An Ai or not, then we will definitely make your doubts clear.

Since then we have understood how artificial intelligence has made a difference in our daily and regular life. When people were first introduced to Siri, they were going gaga over the whole thing and soon they have seen how spectacular ability Siri gas and how she handles all the applications and other things.

Apple has stated that Siri will work as a personal assistant and they have introduced it to make the relationship of a human and AI good. Siri can be considered as AI because of the way she allows the software to learn as well as combine and analyze data.

Is Siri an AI: What is the Impact of Artificial intelligence on People
is siri considered as an ai

How It Makes Your Life Easier:

Being S Siri An Example Of Ai, it will help us to get a smooth and organized life in so many ways. She will have access to all the applications including the ore-installed ones so you can manage them all with less effort. To be honest, each and every vocal command you make, Siri immediately sends it to the Apple’s server for the interpretation and then return it right back to the action. Is sounds like a lengthy process, right?

It will serve the whole thing within a blink and that’s what amazing about Siri. you will not even understand how the whole process has been done within just a blink. However, Siri can perform every type of order starting from making calls to sending texts and you do not even need to have the device on your hand. This whole process will not even require you to touch your device for once.

It can also organize your calendar, alarm and you can also set a reminder if you want to make a plan and you tend to forget everything. Siri’s functioning is basically based on characteristics for AI constant machine learning and of course, here machine learning plays the major role. Let’s see how machine learning works.

How Machine learning Works:

Siri will keep getting better as long as the machine learning will keep improving. Siri knows how humans can handle follow-up questions so she will continue the conversation with you. However, the best part is, if you do not know any question or any task that you want to make Siri does. Then you can go close and Siri summons the related things and you can easily find out what exactly you want.

Siri is now able to sort through loud music as well as background noise to wake. So, you can see how Siri is growing towards a more capable voice assistant and she is becoming conversational as well. It will hardly take a few years to get Siri to reach there. These leaps have been possible only because of machine learning and should not we be thankful enough to artificial intelligence?

According to the reports, Apple has made its own machine learning process and then they have introduced it to Siri and that’s why you are enjoying your free virtual assistant.

If you are wondering how far the development will go, then you can rest assured that with the improvement of the technology we can go further to the point of what is wrong and what is ethically right. Technology will keep expanding hence, we would be getting a better version of Siri. It has already made a huge difference in our lives and that’s why we could do anything to get instantly.

We all are already enough amazed by the idea of Artificial intelligence and how it has made our lives easier. Nowadays we are mostly depending on our phone with all kinds of issues hence, it is very important that our device os facilitating with the things.

Is Siri an AI What is the Impact of Artificial intelligence on People

Is Siri an AI: What is the Impact of Artificial intelligence on People


How It Makes Your Life Easier

That would be very lame of a question to answer because people who have been using iPhone already know how Siri has made everything possible.

How Machine learning Works

Machine learning works wonderfully and that is why you are loving Siri this much. Siri has become a part of our lives.


Siri is the ultimate thing Apple gave us, we could ever ask for. You must keep experimenting with Siri and her abilities. We all do. Siri is the perfect virtual assistant and she ca perform really well when we can not make a call manually for some reason. All Siri need is, your command and she is ready to perform the task. However, you can rely on her for anything and everything. So, let’s get started.

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