Minecraft OpenGL Error 1281

Enjoying your game and suddenly everything stuck with a message “Minecraft OpenGL Error 1281”? What’s This? Will I be losing my profile data? Everything that hits your mind after this error, we are going to cover. 

Minecraft OpenGL is a simple setting that a gamer makes inside the game to make it smoother and faster.  

This advanced gaming option reduces the render during the gameplay. The command system instructs the GPU to restrict targeted rendering which is not under your direct view as a gamer.

Things sound confusing. No Worries! 

In simple language, it’s like a tradeoff where your GPU holds very less work but at the same time, your CPU gets OVERLOADED.

This was all about Minecraft OpenGL setting, but the thing which brought your here is the OpenGL Error 1281 (invalid value) Minecraft- 

So, let’s move forward and uncover everything regarding its cause, setting issues and most importantly it’s Fixing. But before this, if haven’t made any setting changes, but still getting this Error message 1281 then, here we are to tell you the answers if ‘why’


Minecraft OpenGL comes with an inbuilt feature, where it will make a default change and set its access “On.” This is to give you an enhanced gaming experience and smooth performance.

Now we expect you must be clear why you are facing the error message “OpenGL Error 1281” even though you didn’t allow Minecraft OpenGL to access. 

Now, this isn’t the cause for the error to pop up. So  WHAT ARE THE CAUSES FOR ‘OPENGL ERROR 1281’ IN YOUR MINECRAFT? 

Here we go!

It’s not about just one reason; many reasons could end up popping this error message on your screen.In case you experience this error while during gameplay with a fully modded Minecraft, then probably it’s due to the conflict that was raised by some of the modules and by your game. 

Well, after going through many gaming community forums we came up with all possible reasons for this error that we have listed below. 

Minecraft OpenGL Error 1281
source: xbox

Have a look at these causes- 

  • Shaders: This you can see in your graphics settings. Many users and might you also have imported this in your modded Minecraft. And in case of any fault or corrupt circumstances, you might get this error popped on your screen. 
  • OptiFine: It’s not embedded in your PCs, it’s one of those third-party applications that a gamer downloads or adds up in their Minecraft to have smooth and lag-free gameplay. An outdated version of this app can show you such an error. 
  • Version control: It’s been observed that in case of issues regarding your shader and the forge version Minecraft will make you aware of this. This issue arises when both the versions do not sync with each other.
  • Java Files: As we all know that Minecraft uses Java in its game application. And in case if any Java requirement gets left out during the automatically installing process then it will pop up with this error message on your screen.

That’s all about the causes for this Minecraft OpenGL Error 1281 to occur. Now, What’s Next? 

How To Fix This Minecraft OpenGL Error 1281? 

There are many proven methods to fix this error. And the way we listed out these solutions is the way you apply them. 

Because the most common method has the highest success rate. 

But before moving ahead to these solutions make sure you are logged in as an administrator on your PC. Also, make sure that there’s no issue with your active open internet connection.

Here are the best and proven solutions to fix Error 1281- 

  • Solution 1: Shaders Removal- As said earlier these Shaders are used to set different terrains and settings in your game by Minecraft.

In simple words, they work like mini-mods for your game and allow you to make changes in the game texture. For example, from summer to winter. 

Since these Shaders have enabled permissions to access all resources of your game it’s likely to result in a conflict with other mod modules.

So, it’s advised to remove these Shaders in case you are facing an Error 1281. 

  • Solution 2: Update Your OptiFine- 

OptiFine is an optimization tool for your Minecraft and helps you give your game a better and attractive look with enhanced performance. 

Other than this it has full support for configuration options and HD textures. These are some essential requirements for modding. And how can we forget the amazing FPS boost.

In case you are facing this OptiFine OpenGL Error 1281, then probably due to an outdated OptiFine tool. So, make sure to update it on its latest version and fix this Minecraft Optifine OpenGL Error. 

Minecraft OpenGL Error 1281
Source: xbox

  • Solution 3: Check For Mods Version Compatibility- 

As per the gaming community forums, many users reported that they usually experience this OpenGL Error 1281 because of using a high number of Mod modules in parallel. 

It might be the same reason for your Error 1281, where any of your modules goes out of sync that will eventually result in an incompatible mod version.

So, in case you are facing this error, go for a version check and see whether the present version is compatible with others or not. 

  • Solution 4: Manually Install The Java Packages- 

As we know almost every mod that’s being used in Minecraft is Java. With its automatic installation ability, many users think all Java files and packages through this feature must have been installed. But, it’s not true! 

Some files need a manual installation and probably this might be the reason for your OpenGL Error 1281. Don’t worry! The complete manual installation process for your Java files and packages is explained in THIS VIDEO- CLICK HERE. 

  • Solution 5: Reinstall Your Minecraft- 

Well, this is the last option available, in case all of the above methods fail, then you can proceed with reinstalling the entire game. 

But before reinstalling note that this might erase all your do far-reaching levels info and data. So, make sure to save all data as a profile back up on your PC. 

How to copy your data? Simple, to save your profile data just- 

Press Windows + R, then type “appwiz.cpl” in the available dialogue box at the top of the open window and press Enter.

That’s all about this error and its proven solutions. Now, have a look at some of the common- 

Frequently Asked Questions

Minecraft OpenGL Error 1281
Source: minecraft forum

  • How do I fix OpenGL error?

To fix this OpenGL Error you simply have to figure out the actual cause for this error in your computer. In doing so is tough then go for the below-listed methods one by one if the successor fails.

  • Shaders Removal
  • Update Your OptiFine
  • Check For Mods Version Compatibility
  • Manually Install The Java Packages
  • Reinstall Your Minecraft

We have elaborated on each method in-depth earlier in this read, check it out. 

  • How do I turn off OpenGL errors? 

To turn off OpenGL Error the only thing you can do is to prevent it from occurring. For this, you just have to go through each and every cause and make sure not to make any such favorable condition for this Error to suddenly pop up.

  • What does OpenGL error mean in Minecraft?

OpenGL Error in Minecraft is a type of restricting error that does not allow you to open and experience the game as before. It happens all of sudden during gameplay due to a fully modded Minecraft.  

The common reason for its occurrence is the conflict raised by some of the modules and by your game.

  • How do I fix OpenGL out of memory Minecraft? 

The OpenGL out of memory Minecraft occurs when your game utilizes the complete 3GB storage provided. To fix this issue the simplest thing you can do is just update your Nvidia drivers. As we all know that Minecraft uses as much RAM as it needs so it’s always a better choice to keep your Nvidia drivers updated. 

Final Words- 

As a GAMER you will never wish to face any error. But OpenGL Error is now getting common as per the community forums. After going through the causes we listed including the best and proven solutions this error would hardly take your few minutes to get fixed. 

OpenGL needs a regular check for any updates and version compatibility for error-free gaming that we have discussed in our read above. 

Shashank Jain
Shashank Jain, founder of good-name, a young and energetic entrepreneur has always been fond of technology. His liking for technology made him go for engineering in computers. During his studies, he learned & worked on different computer languages & OS including HBCD, Linux, etc. He also has a keen interest in ethical hacking.

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