How To Use Social Media Ads To Promote Your Business

Social media is becoming the fastest and the easiest way to promote your business. Social media advertising is becoming an important part of marketing strategy. Social media advertisement gives an instant result by which we can understand how much media marketing is important and becoming prominent between the business man. 

Social media advertising is so much helpful so social media advertising statistics is like the best way to grow and keep an eye on your business growth.

The social media statistics helps the social media advertiser to keep an eye to their social media campaign which is much helpful for the marketers.

In the report of 2020 the average CTR which is received by the social media advertisement is around 1.3℅ as per the stats result. Although in the year 2019 the percentage is around 1.2℅ 1 percent lower from the 2020.                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Most of the marketer used social media advertising which is around 83% by success and became the second best marketing platform. Almost everyone or 90% people use social media in the current duration as there are a lot of benefits of using social media which is helping social media marketing to grow more. You can find this here.   

Why Is Social Media Post Designer Necessary?

Social media post designers help you to create an attractive and catchy post of your brand by which you can do your social media marketing. As we know the competition level in the current era is so high that to attract the consumer the advertising post should be so attractive that the consumer can easily be attracted by it.                                                 

  • Social Media post designer helps you to create more of your brand glory by which it can be known by many people.                                                                   
  • Attract user interest     
  • Make brand popular
  • Catchy titles help the audience to remember

Social media post designers are the first level of planning to make your brand popular and for its social media marketing.                                                                 

Social media advertising promotes sales

Of course social media advertisements are on high right now. Even though the ad revenue through social media is increasing high it’s about $ 51.3 billion in the year 2018 and can rise to the higher number in the upcoming years.

Stats claims that the revenue can increase by 10.5 ℅ annually.

Facebook social media advertising –

Most used social media platform is Facebook and social media advertising is also increasing rapidly. Facebook has introduced new videos ads which is increasing 11.9℅ from the last year. 

Instagram social media advertising –

Instagram advertising is also increasing day by day. Instagram made approx$5.5 billion ad revenue in the year 2018 and it will grow faster as per the time.

Along with these there are many other social media marketing platforms which can help you to grow your business.

If you find this article helpful, then you can also promote your business by using social media advertisement. 

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