How to get Siri to say Your name?

Being your favorite personal assistant, you must love hearing from her and when especially she calls you by your name, it sounds simply amazing. When Apple has first launched its personal assistance, it was a way back before when google or amazon has launched theirs. Siri is pretty amazing and she can do a hell lot of things that you can not even imagine. She will be the perfect virtual assistant of yours.

She can set reminders for you, set notes, show images, search the web, play songs, launch apps, and many other things to make your job easier and you will not have to search things when you are in rush, but Siri will do the part. However, she is able to recognize names, songs, and many other things so if you train her to call you by name, then she will do exactly the same.

If you are wondering how to make Siri call your name or How To Change What Siri Calls Me, well it’s not that difficult as she has some superpower and she can do so many things that a human being can not. We have picked up the steps that will literally woo your mind. Let’s not ado further and check them out below.

How To Make Siri Say Your Name?

How to get Siri to say Your name?
How to get Siri to say Your name?

Well, there are two common methods that will help you in this part. Siri as default will take the first name that you have saved in your contact details. Hence, you need to set your name at your contact details so that Siri will only call you by your name. Let’s find out the right way of doing this below

  • You need to open the Settings app on your iPhone.
  • Now, scroll down to contacts.
  • After that, you need to select My info.
  • Now, add your name there if you haven’t already added it.
  • You need to modify the details accordingly.
  • Another thing that you might do is to add your name phonetically so that Siri can easily pronounce it, that too properly.

This is one method of doing the whole process and the other one would also work. Sometimes, Siri faces difficulty pronouncing your name and that’s where you need to second trick and stop wondering How To Get Siri To Say Your Name Every Time. Let’s find out the other one.

How to get Siri to say Your name?
How to get Siri to say Your name?

  • First of all, you need to launch Siri by holding the home button.
  • Now, ask Siri to call your name.
  • After that, Siri might give you an option and if you would like to be called by that name.
  • Once, you see that her pronunciation is perfectly okay, now you need to confirm the name.
  • If you still found it works and she is not doing it in a perfect way then you need to edit your name again.

Hence, this is the right way of making Siri call you by your name as well as How To Change What Siri Calls You. Both will work and you can choose whichever suits you the most. In most cases, Siri is not at all able to pronounce the name perfectly, and eventually, it sounds weird and you do not have to necessarily deal with it. The name change thing would be pretty much ordinary and you can do it just by following these steps.

Are you waiting to hear your name from Siri? Well, the search and wish might just end here!

How To Make Siri Call You A Nick Name?

Honestly, not every time you are willing to hear your that one common official name but maybe you are in love with your nickname and you love it when someone calls you by that. You will be amazed to know that you can actually make Siri call you by your nickname and it’s pretty simple.

You will not have to put up so much effort and make it even. You can simply add your nickname in your contact information so that Siri can get the lead from there only and serve you with something you want the most!

How To Make Siri Say Your Name Correctly?

When you will be asking Siri, something, like What, Is Your Name, Siri, you will not get any great or convincing answer rather the pronunciation part would make you angry. We have seen Siri pronounce names differently and people do not like it at all. Isn’t it pretty obvious? Do you know how to teach her to tell your name correctly? Well, let’s find out the way below.

  • You need to hold the side button and say, “Hey, Siri” in order to activate Siri, and after that, you should say, That’s not how your pronounce.
  • Once you will say this, she will ask you how to pronounce the contact’s first name and pronounce it correctly.
  • After that, Siri will show you four pronunciation options that you can choose from. You need to play them and choose the most relevant or correct one.
  • If you feel that no option is even close, then you can ask Siri to do it again and she will come up with something new every time.

Now, hopefully, the whole process seems easy and you are so close to choosing the right pronunciation and you will never ever get disappointed.

Bottom Line:

Hopefully, the question How To Change The Name Siri Calls You is not at all bothering you anymore and you are all set you to make Siri call your name with the right pronunciation. We know it sounds amazing when Siri calls someone by their name and that’s why we want everybody to get on the right path. You should love Siri a bit more everyday and she will keep improving. Hence, follow the right way and get a bit closer to Siri.

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