How to Create Your Backyard Oktoberfest During the Pandemic

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Australia is a country known worldwide for its extremely laid-back culture. Because Australia is filled with many natural attractions, pristine beaches and surfing spots, and wide-open spaces, its residents have grown accustomed to taking life in a relaxed manner. You will often see Australian men and even women drink beer on a lazy afternoon. 

However, the current COVID-19 pandemic has restricted the movements of most Australian citizens. Depending on which Australian state they are in, residents are not allowed to roam freely and are only allowed to go out of their homes for necessities. 

Likewise, the number of visitors allowed in a home is limited to around 10 to 30. With the month of October fast approaching, how will these laid-back Australians enjoy Oktoberfest? Fortunately, you can set up your backyard Octoberfest with the help of an online party store in Australia

How to Set up Your Backyard Oktoberfest

Do not let COVID-19 dampen your Oktoberfest spirit. Host an Oktoberfest event in your backyard. Below are the things needed to make your backyard Oktoberfest authentic as possible. 


Since there is a restriction to the number of people who can be in one place at a time, you can easily send out your invitations using email or social media platforms. However, be sure to state that due to COVID-19 regulations, your number of guests is limited depending on your location. It is important to specify in your invitation that your guests should attend in their Oktoberfest attires. 


A backyard Oktoberfest party will not be successful if it does not look like you are in a plaza in Munich, Germany, the home of Oktoberfest. Make your backyard look and feel like the real thing by placing Oktoberfest-themed banners, streamers, and curling ribbons. You can also place mini blackboards on your tables to inform your guests of the beer that you are serving them for the event. 


If you are the host, it is important for you to play the part of a tee. You can purchase Oktoberfest costumes at an online party store in Australia. You can also refer to the party store to your guests so they can dress for the event as well. 


Since there will be drinking involved, do not use your expensive china or glassware. Instead, purchase Oktoberfest-themed tableware from party stores. This tableware is disposable so you won’t have to worry about them being broken during the festivities. Also, you can purchase table covers as well to protect your tables from the mess. 


While the beer may be the start of the event, it is also important to serve food to your guests. Several food items are served during an Oktoberfest event. For appetizers, you can serve Bavarian pretzels with Obatzda. For dinner, you can have a spread of sauerkraut, German Potato Salad, and a mix of German Sausages. 

Beer. An Oktoberfest is not an Oktoberfest without beer. If you want your backyard event to be successful, it is important to serve imported Munich-based beer such as Paulaner and Spaten. These beers may cost significantly more than domestic beers, but they will surely be worth it. Your guests may not have tasted these beers before so serving them at your party will be a bonus for them. 

You may not be able to go to Germany this October because of the pandemic, but you can still have your Oktoberfest in your backyard. However, it is still important to follow the restrictions set by the Australian Government to combat the pandemic.


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