Games to play on skype and facetime

MD: Know, how playing games over video calls with skype and facetime will make you feel relaxed! Now, get familiar with the list of games and spend hours over video calls, without getting bored.

That regular video calls for official and personal purpose, long conversations now you can end up with playing interesting games. To stop being easily getting annoyed from video calls through skype and facetime, now you can chill out with your friends by playing quite interesting games over video calls.

If you are missing all the fun being quarantined in Lockdown2020, you can taste a new flavor of playing games through video calls over skype and facetime. This is a new add on to our lives amidst uncertainty.

For constant stimulation of brains, one should play games. Playing games help in producing feel-good hormones such as serotonin, oxytocin, dopamine, and endorphins. For mental stabilization, one should play games.

Games to play on skype and facetime
Games to play on skype and facetime

The list of games to play on skype and facetime:

Now let’s move to the most exciting games that we can play via skype and facetime. Here is a list of 15 games, that will hold your excitement always.

1. Truth and Dare: It is one of the popular game that has been played by many groups of ages. Chiefly, it is popular among teenagers, children, and adults. Truth and Dare is a game that has many fans following.

In this game, every participant will get one chance to choose either ‘Truth’ or ‘Dare’. In both choices, they have to face some questions and tasks. If the participant chooses truth, then he has to tell the truth only, according to the question asked to him. Or if the participant chooses the Dare, then he has to do challenging tasks given by other participants of the game.

To keep this game interesting until the last moment, the questions and tasks should be cheerful or sometimes peculiar and outlandish.

2. Only Rhyme: This game is related to saying rhyming words one after another. One player has to say a word, and the second player has to find a rhyming word related to that. If the second player fails to say the rhyming word, the points of the second player end up with a minus.

We all love rhymes, so here you can make poetry together or a Haiku. It will also help you to increase your vocabulary of that particular language. This is a game you can play while talking over the phone also.

3. Dumb Charades: Apparently, Dumb Charades is the most played game in picnics, the family gets together and parties. And, I sure hope you are a fan of this game. Now, you can play this popular game on skype and facetime as well. You need a webcam to be a participant in this game.

Games to play on skype and facetime
Games to play on skype and facetime

To play this game, you need a minimum of two persons. This game enthralls the joys with acting and expressions of a person. Here, one person will show some facial expressions and body movements for a word, especially people who play this game over movie names.

The person who is trying to make understand the word to the other person will be showing many gestures, facial expressions, even he will dance and jump too, if the word demands for it, but he is not allowed to draw or write anything. , This is fun, how people can do anything through sign language. Gestures and postures are the main rules of this game.

When one person is showing gestures and postures, the other person has to think and understand the word with his assumptions and imaginations in his mind within the stipulated time limit or else, the other person will lose points.

Once in your lifetime, you should try this game with your loved ones.

4. Word Game: This game starts with choosing one word that contains a large no of letters in it. The players are required to make as much as word possible from that long word. The words they make from the larger word should be a noun (e.g a place name, a fruit name, a flower name and so on), However, this game will help you to increase your vocabulary stock

This game can be played for both entertainment and education purposes.

5. Never Have I Ever: This is a popular game you might have played many times with your friends, but this time play this game using skype or facetime you will get new experiences and immense pleasure.

Here you need to be ready with some activities and sentences that start with Never or have I ever? Here you will find some astonishing phrases, that will give you goosebumps. In this game, one player will say Never, have I ever, and the other player will tell the name of any activity, and after that first person again needs to react with I did or Never.

6. Pick One: It is a quite interesting game, from which you will be able to know the choices of your friend a little more. All the players in the game need to give two choices to a player, like a movie or serial, Autumn or Spring, tea or coffee, etc. And the player has to choose one between the two choices.

7. What if: This is a game that is played through the beautiful and strange imaginations. Here one has put to panicking and random situations and need to ask the other participant, What if he or she would have done if they were indulged in such situations.

Couples and best friends play this game a lot for fun, although this game helps in improving the bonds between two. It also increases, the analytical thinking of a person.

Games to play on skype and facetime
Games to play on skype and facetime

8. Riddles: This game will hail you with lots of excitement. It is a popular game. Here, one participant gives a riddle, and the second participant has to decode that riddle. If the second participant fails to answer within the time allowed, then the second participant will be declared as a loser of the game. And the loser has to complete one task given by the participant who had given the riddle.

Riddles are the real brain boosters.

9. Kiss, Marry, Kill: In this game, you need three (3) participants. The other participants in the game will choose, whom to kiss, whom to marry and whom to kill. This game should be played on a purely fun basis, if one gets serious with the kill option, imagine your life beyond.

10. Bed Time stories: This game has a unique identification as it is played by the grandparents with their grandchildren while they are having their bedtime or rest. It will help to get some quality time for the grandparents and the grandchildren as well. Although, for grandchildren, long distances with grandparents are a syndrome of sadness itself.

So, do play this game with your grandparents, when you are having a bedtime.

11. Pictionary Game: To play this game, you need to have a set of cards on each side and even better if you have four friends to play this game. If you don’t get ready with pen and paper, then there are free apps like Houseparty, Draw Something Classic, where you can quickly draw with the help of your phone holding it in front of the camera.

Visualizations help people to remember more things in day to day life.

12. Last Letter: This is a popular game among school-going students. The objects related to this game can be places, food, flowers, countries, animals, etc. Here you need to create a chain of words. For example, if one person chooses the category countries, and if the country name is India, then the other person has to find a name with the last letter of the country India. Here the last letter is A, so the second person has to find a country name starts with A.

13. Guess the song: Here one player has to sing lalalalala and humm while singing the song, that is without even saying a word or they can’t turn on the music system. The other player needs to identify the song and the singer of that particular song.

People who love music will find more interest in playing this game.

Games to play on skype and facetime
Games to play on skype and facetime

14. Bingo: It is a popular game, that will make you win with the word Bingo. Here you need to draw, 5 rows and 5 columns in a sheet. You have to select the range of numbers and then write 25 unplanned numbers. There should be one host to say random numbers, the players have to spot the numbers that were announced by the host. If one player completes an entire row or a column first, then the player has to say, Bingo!

15. Chess: No matter, how many new games you play on skype and facetime, Chess will always remain the most prioritized game, be it online or offline. All of us love to play chess, as it helps to boost our brain. This mind game is the king above all the online games.

Final Words: Squeeze some times for refreshment in your life. Make a video call to your friends via skype and facetime, have conversations, and play games. Time is providing the satire of being a busy bee. Undoubtedly, you are having 24 hours in a day, but only those 8 to 10 hours of being alive in office and long route journeys for office will make your mind dull.

You have no time to connect with anyone. Generally, there is no perfect age to play games, anyone can play games irrespective of their ages. So, don’t wait for your friend to make the call, rather you make the call and play games. Trust me, you will be more rejuvenated !!

Shashank Jain
Shashank Jain, founder of good-name, a young and energetic entrepreneur has always been fond of technology. His liking for technology made him go for engineering in computers. During his studies, he learned & worked on different computer languages & OS including HBCD, Linux, etc. He also has a keen interest in ethical hacking.

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