Are you not able to communicate with your Discord friends because you can’t hear them?Do you get to see discord green circle but no sound?

Is your Discord not picking up mic?

Or are you wondering that “On Discord, I can hear but can’t talk?”

If you are dealing with these problems, then we are here to resolve them!We won’t let you suffer anymore.

We know that Discord not picking up mic can turn your gaming experience from easy peasy lemon squeezy to stressy, depressy, and lemon zesty!

Actually, the issue is more likely related to the audio settings!

So in this article, we will help you to fix the issue. We have given a series of ways to help you resolve the “can’t hear discord problem” and similar issues easily.

We are sure that after following our steps you won’t have to face these issues again.

So don’t worry. Just chill, and enjoy the ride!

Without wasting your precious time, let’s find out the solution to sound not working on Discord!


If you are wanting to know “What is the reason behind the sound not working on Discord?”, you will certainly get to the solution because we know, understanding the root cause is a first step to solution., 

So, let’s know!


There are many reasons why your Discord audio is not working on your app. So, below we have mentioned the most common causes of this bug:

  • Mic input not functioning
  • You set the wrong device as the default audio device
  • Audio output not functioning
  • Outdated audio device drivers
  • Viruses preventing your audio from working
  • Your OS needing an upgrade

So, these are some of the causes when you can’t hear any sound while voice chatting with your Discord friends.


Is the Discord green circle but no sound and you are wondering “How do I fix not being able to hear on Discord?”

Tell us, have checked if  the microphone or headphone is connected properly. 

If yes and still facing the issue, then the problem might be internal.


We care for our readers so that is why we thought it would be right to include this remedy for those who are using Discord for the very first time.

The inspection tasks will be simple.

So, first, have a look at your mic, and see if the volume of the speaker’s end is turned up.

If it is turned up, but you still don’t hear the person’s voice, then there is a problem with your Discord. Don’t worry! You aren’t in big trouble! 

To fix this problem, you can check out another remedy below.


Check out our 10 most used techniques to solve the Discord sound not working problem and should get you back to chatting within few minutes:

  • Fix 1: Restart Discord: Let’s begin with the favoured and tested solution by people from all around the world. And that is to close Discord completely and open it again.

Sometimes, this tiny step reset plugs and gaps and fix your Discord sound not working and other lingering issues. It would be great if you restart your computer as well.

After restarting Discord, you can press “Ctrl” and “R” to refresh the app. Once you do this, the app will have a fresh start and work smoother than ever. It is a temporary remedy for a temporary problem.

so if you wish, then you can become a part of an online community and hear other people.

So try this solution and see the magic!

  • Fix 2: Hardware Check: Discord’s hardware is one of the most neglected parts when it comes to finding the solution to the “can’t hear Discord issue”.

Checking the hardware is the simplest solution, but the right one! So make sure to inspect your headphone/microphone jack(s) is properly connected to your computer’s audio outputs and inputs.

As we all know, gaming headsets contain a global mute button for output and input, so inspect it to ensure you haven’t accidentally touched it.

Nowadays, manufacturers are continually launching fresh drivers for microphones and headsets to quell issues, so make sure to see if you own the latest version.

In other cases, make sure your microphone or headset’s software is up to date as well to get rid of the Discord constantly cutting out problem.

  • Fix 3: Turn Off Third-Party Voice Altering Software: Are you using third-party voice changing software?

Then, we suggest you switch it off right now!

Sources reveal that the voice alterations that change the quality and the timbre of a voice within the app’s voice channel might be the culprit.

Experts reveal that they tend to tinker with the fine-tuned audio ecosystem of Discord and create problems like Discord green circle but no sound.

It is just a precautionary measure. So we hope now you know why we recommend you to switch off any third-party software.

Once done, inspect your Discord to see if the issue is fixed or not.

If the problem still persists, then you can read and try the next solution.

  • Fix 4: Discord Settings – Advanced: To resolve the Discord not picking up mic issue, you will have to:
  • Go to Voice & Video settings
  • Scroll down until your find a section named Advanced at the bottom
  • Then, find a drawer-style menu named, Audio Subsystem
  • Now, set the subsystem to Standard instead of Experimental
  • Once you do that, Discord will restart after asking for your permission and click on Okay.

It is said that the section called Quality of Service should be scoped out, and the “Ensure Quality of Service High Packet Priority” option should be disabled.

You should do this because the system can cause a myriad of problems with routers/modems and ISPs.

So it is more reliable to disable the feature because it’s better to be safe than sorry, right?

  • Fix 5: Refresh all settings: Many times Discord users get bugs and errors, which include Discord not working properly or not hearing others despite having a green circle.

It’s frustrating, right?

It happens when the app is constantly rolling out new updates. Moreover, it takes only a few minutes to download and install them. The app might have updated, and you may have not noticed the error that came along with the new update.

What’s the remedy here?

Well, your problem can be solved only when the app releases its next update. But there is one more thing that can fix it too!

All you have to do is refresh Discord!

First, you will have to close the app, then open it and press Ctrl + R at the same time, and your app will be refreshed.

This one is a temporary remedy until Discord releases a new fix, so the above method is the only way for now to trigger the update.

Many users have also shared that this fix also helps in solving the Discord search, not working problem.

It will work like killing two birds with one stone!

  • Fix 6. Restrict Other Voice Impairing Apps: Are you using any other voice impairing app?

Then turn off any software that’s related to voice calling or recording right away!

Do this when you are having a Discord can’t hear others problems and see how the issue vanishes within seconds!

Wondering, why you should do this?

Well, these types of voice impairing apps tend to mess with Discord and lead to one or more problems.

You don’t want anything to ruin your app’s well-calibrated audio infrastructure, right?

So, do it for Discord’s sake and see whether or not the issue is solved.

  • Fix 7: Use The Web version of Discord!

There are times when the problem is unfixable.

Then, what should you do?

If this is happening with you right now, you have only one option and that is to use the web version of Discord.

Why, you ask?

Sometimes, the users face certain issues in the app, which can only be fixed by the developers. So you will have to wait until the issue is fixed, and the app releases a new update.

If there is no such issue in the app, check out the other solution in the next subtopic.

  • Fix 8:: Change server region

Did you know that the region in which your server operates plays a big role in the quality of the audio?

We bet, you didn’t!

So now that you know it, why don’t you try changing the region for a better connection?

If you don’t know the way, then check out the steps below to learn how it is done:

Here’s The Fix!

  • Firstly, tap on the server and go to the server settings.
  • Now, click on the Overview tab, and do not forget to tap on the drop-down option.
  • Then, as per your wish, you can select any region you like.
  • In the end, make sure to save the changes you have made.

If in case the new region that you chose does not work, try changing it again to get a better location.

  • Fix 9: Change discord’s volume

In the windows OS, the volume mixer controls the volume of all the apps in your system. However, changing it will work during the times when the volume is set low for Discord.

Know how it is done:

  • Go to the dialog box and type the volume mixer.
  • Then, open mixer settings
  • It will show all the active apps on your PC
  • Select the Discord app
  • Then, change the volume and save the changes.
  • Fix 10. Contact Discord

After trying all the fixes, this one is mostly the last resort for all the Discord users.

If you have reached here, then we believe that everything failed to resolve the issue.

So first of all, don’t panic and don’t think your problem is not fixable!

Discord is an ever-growing brand where its technicians are always trying to make this app better.

You can directly contact this tech company, and within a few seconds, the friendly support staff will connect with you for help.

Or else you can check out the company’s in-depth guide and other services for assistance.

  • Bonus Tip

Sometimes, the Discord sound not working issue can be caused by error or bugs in the app.

But fret not!

Here we have the easiest fix for you!

There is also a web version of the Discord app, which functions properly 24/7. So you can use it without facing any further problems.

How to do that?

  • First, open the web browser on your computer and type discordapp.com.
  • Then, in no time, you will be ready to join your Discord mates in Discord voice chat.

This tip works most of the time, so try it next time when you face any issues related to Discord.


  1. How do I revert to legacy audio on Discord?

Suppose your hardware has become incompatible with Discord’s latest audio subsystem, and you are wondering how to fix it, but you are unable to find a proper solution.

Well, now you can solve your problem with the help of a legacy audio subsystem.

To use a legacy audio subsystem, you will have to follow the steps mentioned below:

  • First, open the Discord app.
  • Then, tap on the User Settings button.
  • Next, tap Voice & Video
  • Finally, tap the Audio Subsystem dropdown menu and click on Legacy.
  1. What is the easiest way to unmute someone on Discord?

Here you will find out the easiest way to how to unmute Discord users:

  • In the first step, open the Discord app.
  • Then, call your friend or anyone you would like to unmute.
  • Go to the left side of their username. There, you will see a small mic button.
  • Check if it is toggled off. If it is, then tap on it once to unmute your friend.

You can use this same procedure to mute anyone on Discord.


To summarize, with Discord sound not working, you will find it really bothersome to play your favorite video games with your gaming buddies. In such cases, you can use the techniques that are mentioned above, and fix the software errors or mistakes in the app. But if the issue is with the hardware of the Discord or with your PC, then you will have to contact the Discord company or your computer servicer respectively.

Good luck!

Shashank Jain
Shashank Jain, founder of good-name, a young and energetic entrepreneur has always been fond of technology. His liking for technology made him go for engineering in computers. During his studies, he learned & worked on different computer languages & OS including HBCD, Linux, etc. He also has a keen interest in ethical hacking.

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