7 Best Browsers for Mac That You Should Try

macOS comes with a default internet browser – Safari. While Safari is great and works really well with the Apple ecosystem, it isn’t rich in features. Compared to other browsers like Chrome and Firefox, you will notice glaring differences in usability.

There is no shortage of alternatives you can try, but here are seven that you should give a shot:

#1. Google Chrome – the most popular

mack google chrome

Chrome is easily the most used browser, and for a good reason. It is fast and has a lot of plugins. There are other user-friendly features like bookmarks and password managers that make it a good choice for most users. 

But if you’ve bought into the Apple ecosystem for privacy, Chrome may not be for you. It is a Google product, and Google has come under fire several times for nefariously using user data. 

On the flip side, it is one of the most secure browsers and has in-built functions that keep you safe, like preventing you from visiting unsecured websites. 

#2. Mozilla Firefox – the most secure 

Firefox is an open-source browser which makes it a wonderful choice for users since usability is a top priority and bugs are squashed fast. Not only is Firefox secure, but it is also a great option if you’re concerned about data privacy. 

If your MacBook has been running slow and you’re wondering about what could be done to speed it up – you’re in luck! Usually, browsers and extensions take up a lot of your RAM, slowing down your system, which isn’t in the case with Firefox. It uses very little memory to function.

Firefox also has a great extension library and a good user interface. 

But, Chrome still beats Firefox when it comes to speed, so if speed is a concern, you’re better off with the default browser, Safari.

#3. Edge Chromium – best for older websites

If you’re looking for a browser that isn’t going to track you, Edge may be the answer. A default browser on Windows, Edge can be installed on macOS and has a lot of great features. 

Testing old websites is also easy with Edge, thanks to its Internet Explorer mode. 

However, you should keep in mind that it has been built off of Google’s Chromium engine. 

#4. Opera – best for laggy internet

Opera is an underused and underrated browser. It has a lot of features and takes up the least memory. If your internet is slow, Opera may be the answer for you. It takes content and compresses it to reduce the size of the page being loaded. 

It has a lot of built-in features – ad blocker, VPN, and Turbo (to browse web pages fast)

#5. Brave – best for privacy and to block ads

If you get annoyed by ads, Brave is the right choice for you. It prevents third-party services from tracking you around the web and displaying irrelevant ads. 

You can also use Tor directly in the browser. On top of that, it automatically cloaks your search history and your IP address. 

The best part? You can claim rewards if you look at ads at will.

#6. Vivaldi – best user interface

If you think you’ve heard the name Vivaldi before, you’re not wrong. Vivaldi was an Italian composer in the late 1600s and is considered one of the greatest Baroque composers. The browser is named after him. 

Like Edge, this is built on the Chromium engine, so privacy may not be its strong suit. But the user interface is good. You can go in and change every last detail to your liking to really make it your own. 

The good part about it being built on the Chromium engine is that you can access Chrome extensions, so it is a good choice if you’re solely focused on the user interface. 

#7. Puffin – best against malware and threats


It is no secret that data security is becoming everyone’s top priority. Puffin can be a good choice if you do not want to compromise on security. Puffin does a good job at protecting users from malware and trackers trying to access your information. 

At the same time, it also uses less memory, so it is faster than other browsers. 

Which one should you choose?

It comes down to what your priority is – security and privacy, user interface, speed. Chrome is a leader in most categories except privacy. Firefox is another good choice except when it comes to speed. Most browsers will require you to sacrifice at least one or multiple metrics. So the best way to go about choosing the right browser is to make a list of what’s important to you and go from there. 

There are other notable mentions that didn’t make it to the list that you can take a look at – Avast Secure Browser, Stainless, and Torch. 


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