5 Powerful Features of GogoPDF Document Sharing

At times like this, sending documents should be convenient, easy and should not require someone to personally hand in files. Thus, the challenge lies in finding the perfect means or ways to achieve these goals. Technology advances result in better and faster methods of sharing files. Some of them are through online platforms or tools, email, and USB flash drives.  The most popular of which is the online platforms or tools. Read this article and find out how to share documents using GogoPDF.

What is Document Sharing?

Over the years, most document sharing services or tools have transformed into full-blown collaboration platforms. GogoPDF offers users a variety of tools for converting, editing, optimizing, and securing their files. It also allows you to send files with just a few clicks instantly. This article will highlight the document sharing features of GogoPDF.

You do not have to send documents physically. Moreover, sharing via fax becomes obsolete. Document sharing had never been this easy. Let us discuss the five reliable and powerful features of the GogoPDF document sharing tool.  

1.Personalized Document Sharing 

Send and share email files from the GogoPDF webpage. Share the email with the download link, and add a message at the bottom of the form.  

2.Quick Sending of Large Files  

Large files are not a problem when it comes to GogoPDF. Moreover, it works well across all platforms – Linux systems, Windows, Mac, and Apple and Android devices.  

It is user-friendly. The site provides you with simple steps and offers results within seconds, whether you share large or small files.  

3.Multi-Format File Sharing

Users can upload and share any document and image using the GogoPDF tool. There is no need to worry if you are sending JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG, or TIFF files. GogoPDF will help you share images in these formats. 

4. Cloud Storage   

Sharing of documents works within your browser. Downloading any software or installing apps is not required. All are done online and saved afterward. Cloud storage offers data recovery and an easy manner to save and, or transfer data safely and securely. 

5.Data and Customer Privacy  

One of the challenges of using tools online is the security and confidentiality of personal information and other data. GogoPDF values privacy. It uses SSL encryption when you send your files. Moreover, it ensures that users will experience and are provided with the highest security. As a result, it deletes all uploaded files from the server after an hour.  

These amazing features make document sharing with GogoPDF a lot easier for everyone.  

How to Send and Share Documents with GogoPDF?

Document sharing is one of the most utilized tools today, given our current situation where less is better for the safety and health concerns—such as regular reporting for work, going to school, and attending gatherings.  

GogoPDF provides you with a document sharing tool that is consistent, reliable, and easy. Do the following and share your files instantly.

1.Upload from your computer the file you want to share. You may also drag and drop it into the toolbox. 

2.Hit on the Share File icon. 

3.Then, email the download link. If you want, you may add a personalized message. Another option for document sharing is copying the link, pasting it on text or an email, and sending it to your receiver.  

  1. Now, you may download and save the document on your computer, and you may also share it on your social media account. Well, if the file is not a confidential one. 

See how easy it is; no special skills and applications are required. All you need is a secured internet connection, and you are on the way to document sharing. Anyone can do it using a browser; that is why online document sharing tools like GogoPDF are popular both to professionals, students and even, small businesses or enterprises.  Indeed, it makes everyone more productive and promotes collaboration in this time when physical meetings are limited. 

The GogoPDF Subscription

There are certain advantages when availing of a GogoPDF subscription. Users will have unlimited access to all software. You may convert files simultaneously. Also, GogoPDF will remove Ads. So, they won’t be bothering you while using the tools. With a subscription, you can avail of priority assistance for some technical difficulties you might experience. 

How much does it cost? 

Although you can access different features of GogoPDF for free, the downside is you can only use them for a specific time. When it comes to subscriptions, you can pay $9.99 monthly or $99.99 per year. The price may appear expensive but the benefits and pros that you can enjoy are all worth it. 

Others prefer to pay a yearly subscription at $99.99.  Signing up with this subscription will save you money because it will appear that you are paying around $8.00 per month. If you are running a business and you need a tool with premium service, this will most certainly be a good investment.

Customer Service 

GogoPDF has customer service accessible for its users. It is very seldom that pdf converter websites have their customer representative attend to some technical difficulties. 

The site has a team for assisting customers with navigating and carrying out task issues. To enhance the customer experience, GogoPDF accepts feedback from users.


The internet offers many free online tools for document sharing. The challenge is to single out the most efficient, user-friendly, and secured tool. Remember to choose something that you can use with ease. With GogoPDF, you have all the things you need for document sharing; its five reliable and robust features provide you with a hassle-free, time-saving, and secured process.   

This simple-to-use tool is an excellent solution to document sharing challenges, including compatibility, file size, and security issues. Though a subscription offers many perks, the free version of this tool provides the same level of reliability and security. Indeed, there is no better way to handle files than using GogoPDF.

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