4 Best 2021 Travel Destinations

Everyone has been longing for the opportunity to get out and feel how life is away from their homes and workplace. Due to Covid-19 related restrictions, people have not been able to travel and go on vacations as much as they want.

Online platforms like the Uptown Pokies have played a critical role in maintaining people’s sanity by giving them a chance to get entertained. The good thing is that normalcy is resuming, and you can implement the travel plans you had before Covid-19.

If you have the budget and time, here are some of the destinations you need to explore.

  1. California

There are a million reasons why you should visit California. It is one of the destinations in the world that has the perfect weather for a vacation. You will comfortably enjoy your time outdoors and can go swimming almost daily.

California’s history is rich, and there will so much to learn about the destination, you will not get bored. If you are a fan of hiking, you will have so much of it to do that you may want to extend your visit here.

There are tons of hiking spots in the state, ranging from the South Lake Tahoe mountains to nature reserves. California is where you will interact with street art, art shows and probably bump into renowned artists’ work.

The state is excellent for site seeing, and you can expect to get star-struck from celebrity spotting from time to time.

  1. Italy

If you have not been to Italy before, then it is about time you made plans. The list of things you can do in Italy is endless, and you will have a great time at the destination. You can start your vacation by riding a boat in the famous Lake Como. Expect to enjoy the world’s wealthiest celebrities’ views as they own most properties around the lake.

If you have never been to an open-air museum, Italy will give you the best experience. Pompeii houses ancient Roman forums, preserved baths, and relics of people that lived there before the Mount Vesuvius eruption.

You will also enjoy a tour of the world’s famous waterways in Venice. You can also go mountain climbing and enjoy authentic pizza. A single trip in Italy will make you come back over and over again. The most fun part is that you are also not likely to exhaust all the country’s tourist spots.

  1. Canada

Canada ranks top as one of the world’s most beautiful destinations. Here, you will enjoy a lot of nature and have a memorable experience. Jasper National Park is one of a number of Canadian National Parks to visit in Canada. The spot will give you a perfect view of the Jasper Sky Tram. There are 53 species of mammals in the park, ranging from bighorn sheep to black bears.

There is no way you will go to Canada and not visit Niagara Falls. You can even get the thrill that comes with feeling the power of the falls up close by hopping on a boat. Close to the falls, you can also embark on other activities like hiking or enjoying Canadian wine.

Prince Edward Island’s breathtaking nature and scenery will mark the peak of your adventure. You will enjoy playing some golf and spending time at this beach. Adrenaline enthusiasts will undoubtedly enjoy skiing in the Mont-Tremblant Mountains. It boasts world-class resorts, six rivers, and numerous lakes.

If you are a solo traveler who enjoys frequent escapes and some adventure, Canada is the perfect spot for you.

  1. The Caribbean

Almost all travelers want to visit the destination at some point during their adventures. If you love excitement, the party life, and wonders, then waste no extra second and book a trip to this destination.

There is so much for you to enjoy that you will not want to go back home. The Caribbean is known for its amazing beaches. Their pale and pristine sands are so inviting, and the turquoise waters will take your breath away. The best part is that the weather is warm all year and you will enjoy your time on these beaches.

There is no other destination that you will enjoy watersports and other water activities than the Caribbean. Snorkeling, swimming, and diving in the Caribbean warm waters will give you an out-of-the-world experience.

The waters also house a variety of species like turtles and dolphins. Tourists who have been here before have also stated being blown away by the coral reefs’ beauty. You are also likely to find yourself in the middle of one of the Caribbean explosive events where you will enjoy food, dancing, drinks, and partying with the islanders.

The Caribbean cuisine is mouth-watering, and you are likely to enroll in cooking classes to take the skills back home.

If you have seen the resorts and accommodations in the Caribbean, you can agree they are quite something. You can wind up your fun-filled days by getting rest in some of the world’s best villas, hotels, and resorts.


There is nothing as refreshing as going for a vacation, especially after the Covid 19 lockdowns and travel bans. Set the 2021 pace by treating yourself to a trip to the world’s best destinations.

Enjoy different sceneries by visiting Canada, familiarize yourself with the world’s history by visiting Italy, and enjoy some sand and sun in the Caribbean islands.


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